Chronic Pain & Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain touches all aspects of a chronic pain sufferer’s life; work, family, recreation, sleep, self-image, cognitive abilities and mental health are often affected by the pain experienced.  The sad, common scenario is of a person who had a normal, satisfying life before the pain experience struck and changed his or her life.

Fortunately, there are many chronic pain treatments which successfully help in taking control of chronic pain.  Chronic pain intervention has been demonstrated over and over to be beneficial in many ways to the pain sufferers for example; in reducing medication intakes, improving the chronic pain sufferer’s quality of life (social, family and work), improving the chronic pain sufferer’s sense of self-worth and reducing the distressing symptoms of pain. Chronic pain management and chronic pain treatment are ongoing processes addressing most if not all aspects of the pain sufferer’s life. The chronic pain sufferer may feel depressed, anxious, at time suicidal. Pain treatment is essential in supporting, motivating and guiding the chronic pain sufferer toward improving his or her ability to cope with chronic pain.

Our office can provide diagnostic and personalized treatment interventions for chronic pain (chronic back pain, low back pain, chronic joints pain, post-surgery related chronic pain). Individual pain treatment is essential in helping the chronic pain sufferer with the necessary personalized care chronic pain conditions often require. Over the years we have helped many chronic pain sufferers to cope with pain often in their own language – providing chronic pain treatment in Italian, French, Spanish and Russian.