Exam Coaching & Enhanced Learning : EXCEL EQAO

Psychoeducational Services for Grade 3 and Grade 6 Students and Their Parents

Information Sessions for Parents

Registered psychologists and a special education teacher discuss EQAO (The Education Quality and Accountability Office: Primary Division and Junior Division Assessments of Reading, Writing and Mathematics), students’ experiences and challenges while preparing for and writing this examination, and how parents can support their children’s academic success.

Individual and Group Sessions for Students

Learning Skills & Test-taking Strategies –> Students learn evidence-based strategies to help them learn.

Emotional Preparedness –> Students learn how to develop effecting coping skills and manage test-taking anxiety.

Psychoeducational Assessments for Students

A Psychoeducational Assessment can be conducted to understand the student’s learning profile, including learning style, academic strengths and weaknesses, and influence of any behavioural or socio-emotional issues on learning.

Tutoring / Remedial Education for Students

EQAO content areas are addressed as students master Reading, Writing and Mathematics skills.

All services are provided by registered psychologists and are covered by most extended health policies.
For further information or to register please call 416-516-7757 or e-mail referrals@imc-centre.ca.