Information for Corporations

Educational Seminars

Our psychologists are available to conduct Educational Seminars on a variety of topics, including Stress Management, Leadership Support, Team Building, Cultural Competency, Work-Life Balance and Effective Communication Skills in the Workplace. These can be offered in a Lunch-and-Learn format or in a Half-Day or Full-Day Seminars.

Critical Incident Debriefing

Our psychologists can assist your employees who have recently experienced a traumatic or stressful incident at work.  These events often result in significant distress for employees and also often lead to difficulties with sleep, anxiety, worry, sadness, anger and grief.

Our psychologists can help your employees process the event in a way that will minimize the potential onset of ongoing trauma symptoms, address issues related to self-blame, fears, loss of control, guilt, sadness and anger.  We will provide an immediate opportunity for employees to develop internal supports, restore stability in the workplace and address longer-term goals such as ongoing coping skills and problem-solving skills.  Should any individual employee require additional follow-up, the Centre is available to provide psychotherapy and counselling.

Please e-mail us at or call 416-516-7757 and ask for Dr. Monique Costa El-Hage, psychologist, if you have any questions regarding our services or to make a referral.