Life Coaching

Have you ever felt ‘stuck’ or confused about what you should do?

Have you ever wanted to achieve a new level of success in an area of your life that is already working for you?

Have you ever resorted to self-help books, personal development workshops or resources in the community with poor results?

Have you ever felt a big challenge in your life that is keeping you up at night and costing you time because you want to make a change and don’t know how?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, life coaching might be the solution.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is about assisting clients in closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. It is about working with individuals who want to achieve more in their lives or in their businesses.

A professional life coach will assist their clients to discover what is important to them, what is missing from their lives or their businesses and what outcomes they are looking for. They will then ask questions, listen, reflect back what they hear and challenge their clients’ thinking in such a way that the clients can think about new ways to create the transformation they are seeking.

Through working with a professional life coach, clients achieve the outcomes they are looking for faster and more effortlessly. Coaching clients report great levels of confidence, self esteem, passion for life, enhanced relationships and a far more focused approach to their lives and to their businesses.

Life Coaching teaches you how to:

  • Get focused on what is really important in your life and business
  • Eliminate fear and self-doubt
  • Overcome procrastination
  • Have clarity about your goals
  • Acquire certainty about yourself and a sense of wellbeing
  • Communicate powerfully
  • Utilize tools and techniques to turn challenges around
  • Make personal commitments while being held accountable

Who uses Life Coaches?

Anybody from any walk of life can benefit from the skills of a professional life coach. Clients include men and women in life transitions, people changing careers, managers wanting to enhance their leadership skills or time management skills, individuals looking for greater meaning in their lives or relationships, entrepreneurs wanting to achieve more success and career professionals wanting to have a better work-life balance.

Anyone who wants to improve the results they are getting can benefit from working with a professional life coach.

Life Coaches

Carol McLean is a business and life coach who helps clients that are facing challenges associated with living a full and purposeful life. A mother of 3 adults now, Carol started her coaching business in 2011 to help clients deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of changing direction and moving toward a fulfilled and rewarding life.  While raising her family, Carol spent over 18 years as a entrepreneur and freelance consultant to small to medium size business. Today Carol offers a wide range of coaching programs and services – from individual coaching, business coaching and motivational seminars.

Janet Blaha is a professional coach specializing in career and life transitions.  She helps clients explore their work options and develop life balance. As a single mother of tweens, Janet started her coaching practice in 2011 by helping clients getting clarity about their goals and more focused on what is important to them in their life and business.  Whether her clients feel stuck or challenged during a time of change, Janet is the ‘go to’ person by helping them step out of their comfort zones.  While maintaining a full-time balance of family and career, Janet has 20 years of cumulative experience in certified kinesiology, vocational rehabilitation counseling, and management in small to medium size businesses.   Today Janet is coaching entrepreneurs, career women, single mothers and fathers, grandparents, teens, artists, lawyers, realtors, financial planners and other coaches.  She is providing 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching and workshops within organizations and networking groups.

To contact Carol McLean or Janet Blaha, please call 416-516-7757 or e-mail