Psychovocational / Career Assessments

We provide Psychovocational / Career Assessments for adolescents and adults.

Psychovocational / Career Assessment evaluates intelligence, interests, aptitudes, personality and emotional functioning to identify new vocational directions. This assessment is helpful for adults considering a career change or for high school and college/university students who are unsure of career directions.

A Transferable Skills Analysis identifies traits and skills (as demonstrated in previous jobs) that can be “matched” to skills requirements in other jobs. The process involves developing a profile of the client’s past occupational and educational history, modifying the profile to take into account current functional level, and determining occupational matches based on the revised profile.

We recommend an assessment that combines both a Psychovocational Assessment and Transferable Skills Analysis. The rationale for this approach is that a Vocational Assessment can identify additional skills and abilities not revealed by an individual’s work history (i.e. if the individual had been underemployed), which could not be identified through a TSA alone. On the other hand, a TSA can address a substandard or invalid vocational assessment result by relying on demonstrated abilities and skills.

Outcomes may include some or all of the following, depending on the scope of the assessment:

  • identifying the client’s current vocational-relevant levels in social, educational, psychological, and physiological functioning
  • analyze the client’s current vocational functioning
  • estimate the individual’s potential for behaviour change and/or skill acquisition
  • identify jobs the client could do without additional vocational services
    • identify educational or special training program that might increase vocational potential
    • identify potentially feasible jobs for the client with further vocational services
    • identify community support services that might augment job retention following successful client placement.

A useful and complementary service is a Labour Market Survey to identify the availability and earnings potential of an occupation within the local labour market.

Additional vocational services include Vocational Rehabilitation Planning and service delivery,Vocational and Employment Counselling, Job Search Skills Training, and Job Placement.

Fees Assessments fees are billed based on the number of hours required to complete the assessment.

All fees are consistent with the guidelines set out by the Ontario Psychological Association.  OHIP does not cover psychological services, but many extended health policies do.  Please check with your insurance company to determine coverage.

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