What is a Psychological Assessment?

A psychological assessment can be useful in identifying or diagnosing psychological issues through the evaluation of personality, cognitive, social and emotional functioning.

Upon entering our Toronto or Hamilton office, the client and the psychologist discuss the nature, purpose and procedure of the psychological assessment, issues of confidentiality and its limits, as well as consent to release information. The client is encouraged to ask questions at any time.

A psychological evaluation typically includes a clinical interview, psychological testing, observations, file review and, at times, collateral interviews (e.g. with family members or other professionals involved in the person’s care). A clinical interview may touch upon family history, medical history, education, work, socio-emotional functioning and other important areas of the client’s life. Psychological tests are chosen based on the purpose of the psychological assessment as well as the individual factors of the client.

Upon completion of the psychological assessment, a report is prepared by the psychologist outlining the results, diagnostic impressions and recommendations. A feedback interview allows the client and the psychologist to discuss the findings of the psychological assessment as well as the practical application of any recommendations.